The ULTIMATE verified Altcoins faucet list!
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Link Type Multiply Timer Referrals Amount(avg) min. payout  rating Coin
Faucet Yes (hi-lo) 60 mins yes (50%) 8-100k 5 ***** DOGE
Faucet No 5mins yes (25%) Varies 100 **** DOGE
Game No 5 mins Yes (25%) 5-500k x ***** Blackcoin
Faucet No 60 mins Yes (50%) 7-800k 100 **** DOGE
x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x

*Faucet: Site that give small amount of Bitcoins for free to visitors.
*Dice game: Gambling site where you get free bitcoins to play with. (Faucet available)
*Multiply:You can bet and win more Bitcoins by playing a provably fair hi-lo game
*Referral: Referral system where you can earn a commission from you referrals earnings
*Amount:The average amount of coins you'll get per roll. (You can win more if you're lucky)
*Min, Payout:Minimum account balance in Satoshis to be able to withdraw
*Rating: Rating based on personnal experience, ease of use, verified payouts, amount of adds , etc..
*Wallet: Name of the microwallet service, if blank = direct withdraw to any bitcoin address.

Note: Remember that those faucets can give free DOGE because of ads, so if you want to help, click on those ads